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Thank you for a good idea...
유튜브의 노래는 그냥 제목으로 알려 주시는게 ...
와~ 좋은걸요~ 색깔 수업할 때 해봐야겠어요
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Category :Grade 4
(등록일: 2015-03-03 )
Date 2015-03-03
Class 2013 Gr 4
Student 22 (beginner)
Object Students will be introduced to the new teacher and rules and will review greetings.
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Materials PPTs
Warm Up Greetings
Meet new teacher
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Main Lesson 1) Rules PPT

2) Mood PPT
- Ss are shown a picture and must choose the mood
- T says ″How are you?″
- Ss respond appropriately

3) Telepathy/4-Corners Game
- T shows four moods on the PPT and Ss choose which corner to stand in
- Ss ask and answer, ″How are you?″
- The Ss standing in the corner chosen are out
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Wrap Up
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